What is Blood?

Well, blood is a bodily fluid that essentially transports nutrients such as oxygen, proteins and sugars throughout our bodies, the waste from the blood cells is flushed out through our bodies waste systems.

How to remove blood stains from carpets? Blood stains need to be treated with great care with the use of PPE ( personal protective equipment ) which is essential for treatment as  blood carries different forms of pathogens ie: HIV, Hep B and C  which there is no cure as yet only treatments when their is a large amount of blood that may have been caused due to a large cut or other means.

Blood stains can be trickey to remove on different types of carpets as blood as a tenancy to wick back  after cleaning as this is caused by residual blood that has penetrated further into the carpet fibers and the carpet underlay that may not extract out in the first cleaning processs.  This is correctable by using a small amount of white vinegar by using the blotting method of working the stain from the outside in.  This is to reduce the stain from spreading further . (Wick Back means that the stain in the carpet or carpet underlay will resurface – as when carpet dries the carpet dries first before the underlay so if their is still staining that has not been fully removed it can resurface)

Here we have a couple of old pics from some blood removal jobs that we have provided professional stain removal blood stain removal from carpets processes as you can see these were removed and the customer’s carpets saved.

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