Do you look at your tiles in your home and wonder how to get them clean?

Grout Cleaning Mornington Peninsula with Grizzleys Cleaning Services.  The good old days of getting down on your hands and knees with the old toothbrush and scrubbing for hours on end to hopefully clean the dirt from your tiles is now gone?  Though many people still do this not knowing their are other ways of grout cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning is now available and we at Grizzley’s Cleaning Services have been providing grout cleaning on the Mornington Peninsugrout cleaning mornington peninsulala and surrounding areas for over 15 years specialsing in all  types of tiles including the most delicate tiles such as porcelin tiles , ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles and marble tiles to name a few.

The cleaning of tiles is not a straight forward cleaning system as all tiles are made differently and require specialised cleaning to bring them up looking brand new. Depending on the type of tile will depend on how porous the tile is.  Porous means on a basic level how hard of soft the tile.  The more soft the tile the more absorbent the tile wll take the chemical to clean.  A harsh acid base chemical will damage a tile that is a soft tile such as a terracotta.  Terracotta tiles may look hard and good wearing and is popular around outdoor areas but in fact when a wet substance is applied will absorb into the tile.


The grout maybe the same but tiles are not the same if you don’t use the right techniques and correct tile cleaning chemicals you can not only damage the tile but what the professionals  call etching which can stain the tile permantly.

Their are 2 types of chemicals to clean tiles an Acid Base Chemical and Alkaline Base Chemcial one being more harsh than the other.   Depending on the tile that requires cleaning will depend on the type of tile cleaning chemical is required to be used.

Grout cleaning process is about applying the right type of chemical on to the tile area to be cleaned and spread out over all areas of the tiled area using in most cases a mop.  The chemcial is then left to dwell on the tile to allow the chemcial to break down the grit and grime on the tiles.  Grizzley’s  Cleaning Services have been cleaning grout that has not been professional cleaned or cleaned properly for tiles that have been layed upto and over 30 years.  So depending on the tiles and the amount of dirt will depend on the amount of dwell time.

The next process is to use a high pressure cleaning machine which is where carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning go hand in hand as the machinery and equipment used allows the process of using high heat, pressure and vaccum system all at once to clean the tiles and grout to clean and give a high cleaning result.

So the good old days on getting on your hands and knees spending hours on end with a toothbrush have now gone.  The process and equipment will save your back breaking work and time in making your tiles brand new again.

The type of tile cleaning we specialise in:

  1. Floor Tiles
  2. Wall Tiles
  3. Outdoor Tiles
  4. Showers
  5. High End and Speciality Tiles including Marbles and Porcelin Tiles

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