Dry Cleaning of carpets is available on request.

Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula specialises also in dry, sanitizing and deodorising of your carpets and rugs.  Dry cleaning is a surface clean of your carpets using a rotary scrubbing machine with specialised pads on the bottom.

We class this as a maintenance style cleaning of your carpets. For some of our clients they prefer this style of cleaning in the cooler and winter months and steam cleaning in the warmer months.

Dry cleaning of your carpets only cleans the surface of your carpets as there is no extraction method to help get deep down into the carpet fibres to remove the dirt and grime from these areas.

To Dry Clean carpets we prespray the carpet using a dry cleaning chemical (water based chemical) and special pads designed for dry cleaning of carpets is placed on the bottom of the rotary scrubbing machine and using a buffing style process.

Dirt is an abrasive and overtime if not removed from your carpets will damage the fibres of your carpets.  High traffic areas will damage your carpets faster than non traffic areas.

We highly recommend regular vacuuming of once or twice a week and cleaning of your carpets every 12months to remove any excess dirt and grime to help protect and extend the life of your carpets.

Carpet manufacturer’s highly recommend steam cleaning of carpets as this method extracts deep down dirt and grime.