Odour can be defined as a gas that originates from a source into the atmosphere, some odours can be pleasant, unpleasant or offensive and their interpretations are very much dependant on our perceptions.

For example some people find that Cigar smoke to be pleasant but to others it can be quiet offensive, being a gaseous substance odours rise into the atmosphere and are inhaled which can sometimes be highly dangerous.

Some of the most commonly accepted odours which are considered offensive are:

Mould and Mildew, Cigarette smoke, Animals, Urine and Faeces, Rotting food, Cooking and Chemicals.

Odour is a gas and requires a mode of transportation for our senses to detect it these are Air movement, Temperature, Humidity and Evaporation.

The use of a Masking agent is designed to Mask or cover up the odour with a fragrance that is stronger and more pleasant.

Identifying the source of the odour can sometimes be difficult to find i.e.: inside of walls, carpet fibre and backing, external or internal, finding the source will help in removing the problem.

There are many ways of dealing with Odour’s , the use of Masking agents ,Chemicals , specialised Fogging equipment and Ozone/Air scrubbers are only a few, we recommend that if you have a recurring Odour problem to call a Professional for their advice and assistance.