• Pre-inspection of carpet
  • Pre-treatment of stains
  • Pre-condition all carpet with appropriate prespray
  • Apply deodoriser or sanitiser
  • Moving of basic furniture at no extra cost
  • Steam Clean with powerful truck mounted machine
  • Placement of coaters under wood/metal furniture legs as required
  • Application of carpet protector (if required at extra cost)

Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula specialises in carpet steam cleaning, sanitizing, of carpets and rugs.  We use a truckmount system which runs from the back of our vehicle with hoses that run from the vehicle into your home.

Our  truckmount system is the latest in technology in cleaning carpets and providing cleaner and drier carpets in 3 – 6 hours depending on the carpet material and weather conditions.

With a truckmount system we are using a hotter and cleaner steam cleaning system giving a far cleaner result than the old traditional portable unit.   Our extraction method extracts more deep down dirt and excess water from all types of carpets which leaves your carpets drier and cleaner than any other method.

Our method used is prespraying your carpet with a commercial grade chemical and emulsifier which helps break up dirt and grime from your carpets including your most heavy traffic areas such as hallways, entrances and lounge rooms.

Grizzleys Mornington Carpet Cleaning can also provide a further service by scrubbing the carpet for the more heavily affected areas such as lounge rooms and entrances where dirt and grime become high traffic areas.

Using high temperature water from the truckmount machine we then steam your carpets and then extract both the dirt and any excess water from your carpets.  In most cases leaving your carpets touch dry.

Various carpet materials dry in various time frames.  For example a wool carpet may take longer than a nylon carpet as wool is a heavier material.

You can also reduce the drying time of your carpets by creating both air flow such as opening windows and doors and turning on the air conditioner in the warmer months and opening windows and doors and turning on your heater in the cooler months.  As mixing both air flow and adjusting the room temperature creates a dehumidifying affect extracting the moisture both out of your carpets and the air.

Dirt is an abrasive and overtime if not removed from your carpets will damage the fibres of your carpets.  High traffic areas will damage your carpets faster than non traffic areas.

We highly recommend regular vacuuming of once or twice a week and cleaning of your carpets every 12months to remove any excess dirt and grime to help protect and extend the life of your carpets.

Carpet manufacturer’s highly recommend steam cleaning of carpets as this method extracts deep down dirt and grime.