Grizzleys Cleaning Services is highly skilled in tile and grout cleaning and sealing for all types of tiles and stones and have so for nearly 15 years.

We have specialized equipment based on high pressure cleaning that can clean and restore both your tiles and grout leaving them brand new again.  Where necessary we can strip back the old sealer clean your tiles and grout and then apply new sealer.

We use the most advanced and quality chemicals when cleaning and sealing of your tiles and grout which will extended and protect far longer than some other chemicals on the market.

We can clean wall and floor tiles, shower cubicles, outdoor paved areas where tiles such as terracotta and sandstone are commonly used.  Wherever you have tiles we can clean.

We understand the factors in cleaning and sealing of the most precious stones like porcelain, sandstone and limestone ect.

These factors need to be considered include for example type of tile, age, weather conditions ect.

Not understanding this can leave permanent damage that cannot be erased and costly repairs and inconvenience.

When mopping your floors it is highly recommended that you change your water regularly during the cleaning process otherwise you are mopping your floors with dirty water which will not help keep your grout and tiles clean.