Water and flood damage is always unexpected and wet carpet deserves immediate attention. We can organise an emergency water damage restoration team to put your mind at ease, in the knowledge that our experience and expertise in tackling the seemingly irreversible effects of water damage, means your carpet is in the most capable of hands.

When you call us we will get to your premises as soon as possible.

Once the source of the flooding has been stopped, we will begin our restoration process:

Extraction of water and removal of underlay if required
Placement of air movers
Replacement of underlay and relaying of carpet if required
Steam clean and deodorise/disinfect affected carpet areas.

Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula can help extract the excess water faster using our truck mount machine and in some cases prevent further damage to your home where there has been flood damage or water damage to your carpets. Saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

The steam cleaning process is the only way to treat water and flood damaged carpets as the excess water needs to be removed as soon as possible before any restoration works can begin.

In the case of finding yourself in this situation the first thing to do is Stop the Source and cut off any further water flow, then inspect the damaged area, was the source from fresh water such as a running tap, grey water such as bath or laundry over flow or black water such as sewerage of over flow toilet or storm and flood damage where outside elements become a contributing factor?

Advise your insurance company where possible as they will advise you further and provide assistance under your insurance policy.

Once you determine the source you can take your next course of action. Fresh water or grey water damage you can save the carpet though the underlay may need to be replaced. If the water has been sitting longer than 48 hours then it will be considered black water or sewerage and therefore will have to be removed and replaced to comply with International health & safety standards.

Check for damage inside wall cavities, plaster walls and other rooms where the water may have run as water can and will spread anywhere it can flow to. Remember to check electrical appliances and turn off power if required.  If unsure do not turn electricity on until you have an electrician advise that it is okay to.  Water and Electricity do not mix and is very dangerous.